After the success of the Drombane/Upperchurch scheme, NTLP have summarised the lessons into a step-by-step guide for other participating communities. These STEPS may vary as this project develops.

A more detailed overview of what’s involved in a community energy retrofit scheme is available for download by clicking here.

1. Communicate project & identify interested parties willing to pull the project together, either as a new group, or as part of an existing community group.
2. Establish the level of interest from local householders through advertising and Expression of Interest Letter and Survey
3. If there is sufficient interest, decide to proceed with the project, and if necessary, set up Local Energy Team.
4. Appoint Energy Officer/Coordinator to complete the SEAI Application. Project Management costs covered by SEAI Better Energy Communities Scheme, if successful.
5. Carry out BER assessments and Tender for Contractors to participate in the scheme – a condition for the contractors is to carry out quotes for all participating households. This information will form part of the Application to SEAI.
6. Apply for SEAI funding, Bridging Finance (from Clann Credo or UCIT) and Source a Utility Company willing to purchase the Energy Credits
7. Householders formally apply and sign Agreement with the Energy Team. Can Pay home pay Energy Team for work up front. This money is released to the Contractor once works are successfully completed.
8. Complete Work within SEAI specified timeframe.
9. Use remaining funds/Energy Credits for further phases and new projects.

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