Tipperary Energy Upgrade Now Complete


Well folks the 2014 Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme is now officially complete. Marcella Maher Keogh, our Project Manager, has today submitted the final drawdown request to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for all of the communities in this year’s scheme.

There have been three drawdown requests to date to Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland which includes the total costs of all work, Project Management and VAT.

The total costs of all four communities (Kilcommon/Rearcross, Drumbane/Upperchurch, Lorrha/Rathcabbin and Birdhill) was an impressive €1,078,667, with the SEAI providing grant aid of €840,009.

The Energy Credits submission will be sent in soon as well and we hope to receive money for the credits from ESB Electric Ireland early in 2015, which will be used for a community fund.

For those of you who have had work done under this year’s scheme, we hope you enjoy your warmer house and lower fuel bills this winter and beyond. Most importantly please tell others about the improvements you have noticed.

If the SEAI do this scheme again in 2015, we want to do more households and have more work done to benefit as many people as possible.

We will make everyone aware if and when the 2015 scheme kicks off and arrange a meeting for anyone interested as soon as it is arranged (probably January).

Finally a big thank you for all involved in this years scheme, particularly Marcella, Gearóid Fitzgibbon, Marc Tanner (both from North Tipp LEADER) and all those who gave their time to attend the many meetings.

Please share this update as widely as possible!!!


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